December 8, 2015

Our Solution Offering

Naviga offers a number of model portfolio solutions that have been subjected to a rigorous quantitative and qualitative due diligence process, that are tailor made to address specific client investment needs. These solutions are specifically designed to maximise client returns relative to pre-determined risk profiles and / or income requirements. An investment committee provides an oversight to the solutions and receives independent investment consulting from Boutique Investment Partners.

A model portfolio (wrapped fund) is a combination of unit trust funds which is managed by an investment team. There is a range of optimally constructed portfolios which has been designed to cater for most risk profiles. Naviga has a range of solutions dedicated to pre-retirement (Saver Series) and post-retirement (Income Series). We also have a range of global portfolios (Naviga Global Series) for those clients that would like to diversify their portfolios by including direct offshore investments.

Why Model Portfolios?

Multi manager investment structure

Effective diversification

Solutions better matched to client needs

Mitigation of single manager risk