Naviga offers a number of solutions that have been subjected to a rigorous quantitative and qualitative due diligence process, and that are tailor made to address specific client investment needs. These solutions are specifically designed to maximise client returns relative to pre-determined risk profiles and / or income requirements.


The Naviga Portfolios offer investors a choice of five risk-profiled portfolios, suitable for discretionary as well as contractual investment products.


The Naviga Income Series is specifically designed for the consumption phase after retirement. There are three optimally constructed portfolios which has been designed to cater for various income needs during retirement.


Our Global Series is designed for clients that would like to diversify their portfolios by including direct offshore investments.

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Naviga Solutions provides financial planning support to financial planners. To ensure each and every client is looked after on a personalised basis we provide comprehensive individual financial and investment advice and access to a diverse range of investment products.

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Telephone: 087 056 9631 | E-mail: info@naviga.co.za